Cluster Info

IRAC arrays are ~5'x5', and these coordinates refer to the center of the IRAC field of view.
PIDClusterCenterSpitzer ObservingNotes
60014AFGL 49003:27:24 +58:44:00Not observed yettwo FOVs, 3h27m08.00s,+58d44m55.0s and 3h27m17.00s,+58d50m40.0s
61020Ceph-C23:05:51 +62:30:55Sep. 2010 + low cadence in 2009one FOV
61021GGD 12-1506:10:48 -06:12:30Nov. 2010two FOVs, 6h10m45.00s,-6d12m30.0s and 6h10m58.00s,-6d10m00.0s
61022IC139621:36:29.81 +57:29:48.2Sep. 2009 + low cadence in 2009 and 2010one FOV
61023IRAS 20050+272020:07:04 +27:29:14.0Jun. 2010one FOV
61024L168816:27:10 -24:37:30Apr. 2010 + low cadence in 2010three FOVs, 16h26m28.00s,-24d23m05.0s and 16h27m29.10s,-24d40m56.0s, and 16h27m25.00s,-24d27m54.4s
61025Mon R206:07:48 -06:25:00Nov. 2010one FOV.
61026NGC 133303:29:05.75 +31:19:30Not observed yetone FOV.
61027NGC2264-IRAS1206:41:04 +09:35:10Nov. 2010one FOV.
61028Orion05:35:15 -05:21:00Oct. 2009 + Oct. 2010very big map; see AORs
61029Serpens Main18:29:59 +01:13:53Not observed yetone FOV
61030Serpens South18:30:03.7 -02:02:05.0Not observed yetone FOV